Thousand Skies is a small creator studio based in San Jose, California. 

At Thousand Skies, we celebrate cuteness, and we want our customers to join us. We love the quirky stuff that animals do, and we tried to capture it through our work. We hope our playful designs can elevate and brighten up your day.

How It Started?

We opened our online store selling handmade dog pillows in 2013, and we have been growing slowly ever since.
All of our current operations are online-only, and we don't have a storefront at the time. You can shop for our products from our stockist stores. 

We Love Conventions!

We travel to several bay area conventions such as Fanime, Crunchy Roll Expo, SJ Made Holiday Show, and many more. We can't wait to go back once the pandemic is over.

Meet the Artist & Founder!

Hello! My name is Elda The, artist and founder of Thousand Skies. I designed everything that you see at Thousand Skies 😊 I love to draw ever since I was little. I was planning to be either an artist or an ice skater but I just couldn't land my axel (haha) started as my college portfolio website back in 2004 that evolved into a passion project and a brand. I was a former artist for a start-up mobile games company in Silicon Valley for ten years before I decided to go full time pursuing Thousand Skies.

When I'm not busy drawing, you will find me cuddling with my rescue dog, a poodle mix named Wifi.

 Connect with Us!

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