Experience the world along with the little duckling and his family

 Thousand Skies is joining the Vpark to build an area where our little duckling lives with his black swan family. You can have an interactive experience with our characters and learn more about their story over time. You can collect materials to build items with a duck theme.



Explore the world and find the abandoned duck nest
Visit the duckling and earn its trust 
Help the duckling find a family 
You can see how your relationship grows over time

Buy a specialized sculpture

Decor your house with the duck item you bought
Collect rare materials, and you can go to an upgrade center to make you a new item
Invite friends and hang out


In the next few months!


We are doing presale tickets of our digital Lost Duckling Wooden Sculpture
!! You will have to make an account in order to purchase this !!
This is a ticket that you can bring it to the specialized kiosk in Vpark to have it made for you.

Wooden Toy Lost Duckling Ticket

By buying this item:

You will be able to craft a wooden duck item

You are getting our utmost gratitude for supporting our project!

You get the early bird price of $5 $̶1̶0̶

You will automatically grant access to become our beta tester.

In order to build this duck you will need to:

  1. Go to a craft center in the town
  2. Collect wood materials

Early Bird $5 $̶1̶0̶


About Vpark

One user, one account, one life.

No Cryptocurrency

Vpark checks everyone's government-issued ID to ensure a person can only have one account.

Open world.  The world map is the same as the real world


Customize your avatar.  Vpark partner up with readyplayer.me


Own a house. You can pick a land to build your house


Explore the areas by different creators. Each creator will have different characters and items


Buy item ticket to craft. You can buy a ticket to build an item at the upgrade center.  You can equip or put on display at your home



Collect rare minerals to customize your item. While you explore the world, you can find rare mineral to upgrade your item with the rare materials.


More info coming soon!