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Fetch our latest Super Fluffy Corgi Collection!

Super Fluffy Shiba Regular

Super Fluffy Shiba Regular


Size: 11x6x5 inches

Fetch our Super Fluffy Shiba Collection!
It is very soft, very squishy, and very luxurious to the touch.

Our new collection is filled with a special marshmallow cloud stuffing that makes them softer than your typical plushies.

The clean and simple design of this collection means it'll feel at home regardless of your style or decor.

if you're adopting our shiba, please share your plush using #superfluffyshiba

Lovingly designed in the heart of Sillicon Valley, California.

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Safety is our top priority, we also use safe, nontoxic materials. This collection has been tested at a US certified lab and meets U.S. Toy Safety Standard ASTM F963.

Recommended care instruction: Hand Washable
Other alternative: Our pillow is made from polyester fibers. You may wash it machine on cold water and gentle cycle. For drying, you may put them on the regular dryer to fluff them up but please check them often and fluffing them often as you go along.

Please note that colors on the actual may be different from how they appear in the photos due to differences in monitors and lighting.

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