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Size: 19x14x6 inches

Fetch our Super Fluffy Corgi Cushion! This giant cushion is very cute and also practical. You could cuddle with it while watching tv or playing video games. It could also be your back cushion while you sit at your computer chair. It is very soft, very squishy, and very luxurious to the touch.

Our new collection is filled with a special marshmallow cloud stuffing that makes them softer than your typical plushies.

The clean and simple design of this collection means it'll feel at home regardless of your style or decor.

if you're adopting our corgi, please share your plush using #superfluffycorgi

Lovingly designed in the heart of Silicon Valley, California.

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Customer Reviews

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Pillow had a hole :(

There was a small hole on the tongue of the corgi which is why I rated it lower.

Julia Christenson
Best Pillow Ever!

I purchased this pillow at CorgiCon about four years ago. It quickly became my favorite pillow to sleep with because the ears can cradle your neck like a travel pillow would. So soft and comfy! I take it everywhere even when we travel. It’s definitely been through the ringer at this point with multiple washings and a few times resewing holes at the seams. Coming back to order another for me and one for a friend. Thank you for a great pillow!

Guanghao Liu
Soft, Fluffy, Best Companion!

I love it!

David Chung
Looks Great, Feels Great, Loveable

My son is obsessed with corgis (he had a corgi-themed 7th birthday party). I learned about this from Joma, and I took a chance after watching it on his videos. I'm glad I did because it's SUPER soft, cuddly, high quality, and just as awesome as it looked in the videos. My son gave it a million thumbs up.

SO CUUUUTE! So huggable!! Wonderful plush!...

SO CUUUUTE! So huggable!! Wonderful plush!!