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Watercolor Painting: a Panda and a Purple Cat

I did a painting over the weekend for my friends' wedding invitation. They requested for me to draw them as a panda and a purple cat, which is amazing! 

The materials that I used during the process: 
Holbein 8x8 multi media acid free paper
Winsor & Newton Professional Watercolor Tubes
Sennelier Watercolor Half Pan Metal Case

I did the sketch and color study in digital prior to the painting.

The sketch and color studies using photoshop.

The sketch and color studies using photoshop.

The final line art using 0.5mm B mechanical pencil

Finished watercolor painting

Here's the video of the painting process :) I posted the video on my new youtube channel where I will be posting my videos regularly from now on. I will make a better announcement of it soon and I will upload all my old videos to this channel as well. 

The new youtube channel will be easier to remember:

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