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Introducing Wifi.

We got a dog! We adopted her from a local rescue group last December. She is a poodle maltese mix and roughly 3 year old. We don't know the detail of her story much except that she was a stray in south California. The poor girl was horrified when we first met her. She was disoriented and would not connect to us at all, I felt that it might not work out.. I was scared to make the wrong decission.... until I saw her.. saw a bag of treat! omg she became so focus and wouldn't care about anything else. To me that was a very good sign meaning that she was very food motivated and possibly easier to train, also it's cute to see a glutton little dog. So we took her home. My boyfriend renamed her to Wifi (her name used to be Ivy,) he said she's connecting people ; W ; .... I couldn't have agreed more.

It only has been 2 months now but we LOVE her very much!! she is such a whiny little booger and a shameless glutton. She is a lap dog as well, since she's tiny, she's comfortable enough to sit in my lap while I work. She has a low energy so she just sleeps all day and stay by our side all the time. It's very easy to teach her new trick, she learns things very fast. That being said though, rescuing a shelter dog does come with an extra care, we're talking about dogs that being re-home several times and have been trough some traumatic events in their life, they are more likely to have some sort of behavior issues. One of the most common case is a separation anxiety. Our Wifi has that anxiety, she would bleed herself by scratching the door when we leave her alone and I swear.. she became a dingleberry farmer!! (we called it kibblets) XD

We are still in the process of learning and understanding her special needs but I feel that I know her enough now to draw her ehehe...




So glad that I've found a daycare for this little booger. I've been reading some books on how to cure this separation anxiety, so far I'm seeing small progress but I'm sure it will take some times before she could be left alone. *of course I'm typing this entry with her sitting on my lap....farting*  =w= aaaww little booger... I <3 you. 

Have a great weekend everyone!

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