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My 10 gallon tank


I wanna brag about my 10 gallon tank. Yeah..... all my fish hate me.
here's the list of citizen:
2x blood fin tetra
2x black molly
1x balloon belly molly
1x octocinclus
1x amano shrimp

plant wise:
sword plant, dwarf baby tears (still growing), dwarf hair grass, wisteria (dominating the tank,) and some variation of anubias in the back.

The most troublesome fish I have are the 3 black mollies. Now don't get me wrong, they are never being suicidal, in fact they are the opposite of that.... they keep producing babies.....!!!!!! well I'll explain more of that sometimes.
here's the best pic I could get of them.


Here's a video of them being naughty! I'm thinking of putting my male molly for adoption  for the sake of everyone ; __ ;

here's the video of my past babies that I had donated to my local fish store.

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