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South Bay Road Trip

Last weekend I had a short road trip down the South Bay with a bunch of friends. It was very serene and pretty. We hit Monterey Bay, Carmel-by-the-Sea, and San Luis Obispo.

Monterey Bay

The first stop to Monterey Bay Aquarium. They are very famous for their Jelly Fish display.

17 Mile Drive

Then we hit the 17 Mile Drive, a scenic road through Pacific Grove and Pebble Beach on the Monterey Peninsula, just as the sun was setting. I finally experience how beautiful the winter sea could be. The wind was not forgiving to be was cold! and beautiful. 

The Lone Cypress - a 200 years old tree that decided to grow itself on the rock.

Carmel By The Sea

A very cute downtown area, pet friendly, beautiful beach, and a lot of antiques. The beach was filled with dogs, it's the happiest beach ever! <3

Big Sur

McWay Falls is an 80-foot waterfall located in Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park that flows year-round. Like Alamere Falls, this waterfall is one of only two in the region that are close enough to the ocean to be referred to as "tidefalls" - wikipedia

Hearst Castle

The Hearst Castle was build by William Hearst who were famous to be an avid collector of Renaissance art. His castle was build out of his collections which were a combination of Italian + Spanish Renaissance with some Gothic era. To be honest, I appreciate more of the castle's landscaping rather than the interior art. It got too overwhelming with all these antiques from all sort of different era being put together in one room. I wouldn't not want to live there at all haha.

Overall it was a wonderful trip to take. A very slow pace and relaxing one too with tons of great food along the way. I highly recommend it for a scenic vacation. :)

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