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Animal Crossing Collaboration Artbook

Blathers enjoying his evening tea, while Chester and Celeste were having a meaningful conversation(?)

I've participated with several other artists who share the love for Animal Crossing New Leaf to make anthology fanbook "Artisan Ordinance"! It's a super super cute game, to me personally I like how this game doesn't really have any end goal. Pretty much you create your own pace playing this game, although it could get boring if you don't have any set of goal. I personally love harassing my neighbors and collecting FISH. hoho.. Right now it's the fall season in the game, I've been collecting so many mushrooms, they are so cute!!! I think Fall is the best season IRL anyway.

I will have several copies of the book by the end of this month. I'm planning to sell some on my Etsy store and also at next year conventions. Here's the cover of the book! Each artists drew their avatars in. *mine is the one fishing a goldfish*


Have a good weekend people!

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