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We are Hungry Prints.

These are shot from last Spring, a month before we released We are Hungry. We decided to print out postcards to hand out for Fanime attendees, if you happen to own one then you're lucky because we're technically 'ran out' of these. I still kept some small inventory of them but probably saving them for special occasions. If you happen to really really wanted this postcard, then shoot me an email at thousandskies(a) and let know your mailing address and I'll mail you this friendly postcard. (while supply last~) ^^

Andddd....... I found some great deals online and decided to purchase 2 canvas prints :) Now I could hang these fatties up ! it's a big 16"x21" canvas, but they look kinda small in this picture :p They match my orange colored wall very much indeed! <3 <3

ethe :*

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