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Somen and beef

Lately, I've been watching this cooking show called Docchi No Ryouri at
There's this episode about ramen, aghh it looked so freakinnn good T_________T *watching it late at night was such a bad timing ; 3 ;
So the next day, I just had to make my own noodle bowl, I didn't have ramen though.. so I used somen instead with others ingredient that I had. They used pork on most ramen, but I only had beef, so it became beef somen. :p

hehe the egg was raw, but it cooked as I poured the hot soup base. I used chicken stock, sesame sauce, sesame oil, soy sauce, fish oil, chilli sauce, salt and bit of sugar :p For the beef, I stirred fried the beef with garlics, soy sauce and thick soy sauce (the sweet kind.) hmmmm me likee.

Next time I'll make some curry ramen <333>

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