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you see, I'm always dreaming everytime I sleep, sometimes even if it's only a short nap,
and I experience way~~ more nightmares than a good one. I would say there are 3 types of nightmares in my case!

Nightmares #1 - chased and died
the type where ghost/monsters/ zombies/ pyscho killers were chasing you while you tried to run as fast as you can but your leg just got really slow~~ or simply it was the end of the world and you were seperated from everybody else.

Nightmares #2 - forgotten
I had this dream once where my brother, some friends, and I where forced to go to this place, and there were a lot of other people too. Suddenly each of us was given a blank note book, and the person who was in charge of that place told us that basically all of our memories will be erased, we won't remember any single thing of our past. And he told us that we can write everything that we want into that note book, all the memories or any thing that we would like to remember... (we don't have the option to reject it). So I remember I was looking to my brother and my friends as they started to fill their note book, I also start writing the names of people I know and I felt that there's not enough time or pages to write what I really want to say, I just kept writting names and wrote "really really nice" over and over again, I started to cry in that dream and found myself woke up crying too but it was still early in the morning and I fell a sleep again Xp ho....

Nightmares #3 - the biggest lie
It was the dream where someone that you really really wanted to be with at the moment suddenly showed up out of nowhere and then that person promised you to always be there at the time when you needed the most. But than the next thing you know you woke up and it was just a dream.

those 3 types were fair enough right? all of them sucks, but i think the third one is the suckest~~ it's like your own brain were playing a very mean pranks to yourself, while saying "ha ha suck being you~"
huh..... i would rather have a combo of #1 like say a zillion of zombies were chasing me and then woke up saying "i'm alive~~~" rather that having #2 or #3

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