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cruising to graduation

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Final Countdown~~~
I just finished my freelance jobs!! yeayyyyyy~~ i'll take a break from it for temporary, so I can focus on my school works. I'm making a short 5 minutes animation with my roomies. we kinda fall behind the schedule (slightly... ) but i can see both of us slaving ourselves until the end of this semester. now we're almost finish the rough animations + in between, next is Clean-up and Color, editing~

erghh, okay, need to animate faster too, dammit, my body were aching like crazy today, i can't draw or do anything, so i took a really long continuos nap, apparently i got a fever too... > 3 < but yeah now i feel much better, oh the wonder of sleep, but i'll take more rest tonight..

quick doodle how partially my room-studio looks like, yeah kinda messy, lotsa post-it for deadline dates, very small, but yet the most comfortable place to work right now, I just recently moved the light table in, hwaa no more space left to walk around, i sleep-eat-work in this corner.
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