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Elda The is an illustrator based in the Bay Area with nine years experience in the comic and gaming industry. She received her MFA in Illustration from Academy of Art University in San Francisco and BFA in Animation from Columbus College of Art and Design in Columbus. She is currently working as full time graphic artist at one of the Silicon Valley tech company. 

In her free time she found a passion in creating cute yet practical accessories based of her animal designs under her own personal brand Thousand Skies. She started making dog pillows for fun to sell at a local convention, to her surprise the pillows went viral and her email was flooded with customer requests. She then decided to activate her Etsy store in 2013 and her merchandising line has steadily grown ever since. 

ps. She also likes to snuggle with her poodle mix rescue named WiFi.


All images and content of this site are Copyright © by Elda The. I'm glad if people find my content inspirational and would love to share it to their own sites. However, I kindly ask all the contents and images to be credited to "by Thousand Skies" and linked to the original post. Please do not print, reproduce, and sell any contents of the site without the my consent.

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