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I almost spend the night as a homeless... hewaheawhejwahehwahwhawa

I got locked out of my apartment and it won't be pretty due to winter :( If it was summer or something, I could imagine myself went to some park and just play on the swing until the sunrise (yeah...) but not in this weather... but after a while but some nice neighbour happened to come out and opened the door... oh I love them, my hero~~

seriously, I don't usually being absent minded about my keys or other personal stuff >,< oh so stupid, lol who knows how long would I've waited if nobody ever show up. Xp
But other than I went to skate at night, and that was the reason why I forgot my card, since I don't bring my purse. uuu it was NICE being on the ice again .... falling XD hahaha i totally suck... my left leg is so weak now. but I still love to skate.

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